Membership Application

All real persons or legal entities established in accordance with the legal legislation who are academically interested in the field of management and organization can become a full member of the association if they meet the requirements described below. Legal entities are represented by only one person. Those who wish to become a member of the Academy of Management Association can apply to the Board of Directors in accordance with the procedures and methods determined by the Board of Directors. The relevant Board of Directors examines the applications and notifies the General Assembly and the candidate of its decisions regarding the membership application within 1 month. The information of the members of the Association is recorded in the "Association Member Registration Book" and a "Member Identity Certificate" is issued for each member.

Full members are obliged to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the bylaws of the Association on a regular basis. All full members have the right to vote in the General Assembly. They can access the reports and notices of the Association and participate in its activities.

To have the capacity to act.

Not to have been permanently expelled from membership of any association in the past and not to be banned from being a member of associations.

Provided that there are no provisions to the contrary in special laws, to declare the written permission for association membership from the organizations they are affiliated with, if any, in accordance with Article 3 of the Law on Associations.

Not to have been convicted of any disgraceful offense.

To accept to pay the association fee, to pay the entrance fee for association membership determined by the general assembly.

To accept to fulfill the purposes and rules specified in the association's bylaws.

The legal entity should have been established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 5253 of Associations, the legal entity is not deprived of the right to become a member of associations.

A written request to become a member of the association should have been made by the board or persons authorized to represent and bind the legal entity.

Only one (1) person authorized to represent and vote for the legal entity is notified to the association in writing.

Accepting to pay the association fee and paying the association membership entrance fee determined by the general assembly.

Accepting to fulfill the purposes and rules specified in the Association's Bylaws.

Persons who have been a member of the Association for at least 20 years and/or who have pioneered the popularization and recognition of the field of management and organization in the country and abroad, and contributed to raising awareness about the field throughout the country or persons who have made great contributions to the association may become Honorary Members. Members with these qualifications become honorary members upon their written request and with the approval of the Board of Directors. This membership may also be offered by the Board of Directors. Honorary members cannot vote at the General Assembly. They do not have the right to elect and be elected, and they have the right to pay fees but not obliged to do so.

The right of membership, which is strictly associated with the individual, is indivisible and non-transferable. No one can be compelled to become or remain a member of the Association. Every member has the right to resign provided that he/she notifies in writing. Members who leave the Association in any way must pay their debts for their dues and services until the date of their leave. If there is any damage to the assets of the Association, it is obligatory to compensate. Legal actions shall be taken against those who act otherwise.