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The purpose of the OMT is to advance research on organizations, managing, organizing, and organization theory. The OMT focuses on developing current debates about organizations, how they are formed and reformed, the management, the structure, the organization’s environment, and relationships with the environment. The Group encourages the community of researchers, academics, and practitioners who advance OMT scholarship in Turkey and also promotes a multi-disciplinary approach with diverse theoretical and methodological research on management and organization theory.

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OB focuses on understanding individuals and groups in the organizational context and aims to explain, predict, and control how individuals, groups, and organizations perform, and influence and adapt to each other dynamically in time. The purpose of the OB interest group is to encourage the formation of collaborative research networks and support research and field networking interests in organizational behavior. OB interest group encourages the dissemination of information and fellowship among researchers, academics, and practitioners of similar and professional academic interests.

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HRM’s aim is to contribute to improving both management practice and employee experience through the encouragement of rigorous conceptual and empirical research. HRM works on understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices to facilitate organizational competitiveness nationally or internationally, encourage individual growth and development, and enhance individual performance, work-related attitudes, and well-being. HRM advances research on current trends and the challenges that human resource management has to assume based on increasing changes in the environment. The Group emphasizes the study of human capital and HR management practices at the individual, group, organizational, societal, and cross-cultural levels of analysis and their impact on outcomes critical to the organization, its employees and their representatives, and all its stakeholders. The Group aims to contribute to the evolving world of HR by engaging in an active discourse on HR theories, concepts, research, and impact  in Turkey and globally.

The PCSS aims to provide a forum for the discussion of major developments in the area of public and civil society and promote research. The Group encourages analysis and research of management and policy issues in public, nonprofit organizations, and civil society to disseminate information and research findings to instructors, consultants, and managers.

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CMS works on management research and education which is dedicated to interrogating relations of power and control and giving voice to marginal and oppressed voices. The Group promotes morality and social and ecological sustainability of prevailing forms of organization.

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DEI’s purpose is to create a network that supports the interests of academics, researchers, and practitioners in the area of gender and diversity management, develop their capabilities for research, teaching, and knowledge exchange, and keep them up to date on discussions and debates. The Group generates, disseminates, and advances research and knowledge related to gender and all aspects of diversity in organizations and broader societal contexts. Its goal is to have a more inclusive lens in organizational research and education and include the perspectives and experiences of members of different social groups, including those who have been traditionally marginalized because of their gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, religion, culture, (dis)ability, and age. The Group embraces diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, enables equitable treatment and equal outcomes, and supports social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research, teaching, and practice.

RMOS’s mission is to advance the development of theory and research in regional management and organization. The Group provides innovative developmental support for a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to study regional managerial and organizational research. Research areas include, but are not restricted to social construction, culture, decision-making, ideology, identity/identification, image, reputation, sense-making/meaning-making, symbols and artifacts, categorization, knowledge creation and management, organizational learning, and communities of practice.

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The EDTI’s main objective is to promote research and knowledge transfer in the areas of entrepreneurship, digital technologies, and innovation. The Group aims to

1) Enhance collaboration with other international academic organizations and strengthen relations with public administrations and other decision-makers in the field of entrepreneurship.

2) Create an open community of academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policymakers who care about the creation, development, and implementation of innovations in organizations and markets.

3) Provides a forum for academics and practitioners on all aspects of applying the internet and related digital technologies in public and private sector organizations. It fosters and promotes the discovery and dissemination of high-quality research at the interface between information systems and business management.

The Group pursues theoretical and practitioner development of knowledge in these fields by focusing on business startups, new venture development, entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, the internet, and related digital technologies through discussion, collaboration, and networking of interested academicians and practitioners.

RMAOS promotes debates around all aspects of academic research, from its conception through to its execution, the subsequent development of theory, and the dissemination of findings and knowledge. The Group is committed to advancing and disseminating techniques for the collection, evaluation, and interpretation of information pertinent to management scholarship and seeks to draw an understanding of research methods and research practice in organization studies.  The Group also encourages discussions and debates on topics such as measurement, analyses, analytic approaches, and philosophy of science.

MC aims to encourage interested individuals in the association to further research, theory development, and the articulation of critical thought related to the interactive design and implementation of change in whole systems, redesigning structure, process, and function simultaneously, in order to further the humane, ethical, and productive effectiveness of organizations and systems. The Group promotes works on integrating various research methodologies for innovation, practices, and technologies to address complex challenges, which are critical for organizations and communities to thrive today and remain competitive in the dynamic environment of tomorrow.


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SSR aims to provide a forum for discussion on the topic of strategy, strategic management, and sustainability to enable members to keep in touch. The Group promotes scientific research in strategy and sustainability, covering the following topics, but not limited to corporate and competitive strategies, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, knowledge and innovation management, and information systems. SSR encourages dialogue among several interrelated lines of inquiry crucial for increasing scholarly and managerial understanding regarding strategic choice, competitive advantage, adaptation, and sustainability, social responsibility, long-term performance, and survival.

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CSR aims to provide a network for researchers working in the field of complexity thinking to address interdisciplinary questions and who seek to understand problems through a lens of networks, complex systems, mass data processing, non-linear dynamics, and chaos.

ONT provides a network for academics and practitioners whose interests revolve around the theory and practice of the many manifestations of collaborative working – alliances, joint ventures, networks, and strategic partnerships. The Group aims to promote research on networking among members, industries, government bodies, and communities.

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HCMI aims to provide a platform for researchers working in the field of healthcare management and informatics. HCMI supports a variety of theoretical and methodological research with a focus on the management, organization and informatics of healthcare services and contributes to current debates in this field. In addition, by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, it brings together participants from different fields of expertise, encourages knowledge sharing and supports developments in health management and informatics. HCMI aims to find innovative solutions to problems in the healthcare sector with a wide range of participants from academics to professionals.

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